What is known about Newton’s early education?

Isaac Newton’s grandmother and mother taught him reading and writing. He enrolled in The King’s School, Grantham, at the age of twelve, where he learned the classics but no science or mathematics. Once, young Isaac was bullied by a boy who ranked above him in class. After fighting with the bully, Isaac was driven by the desire to perform better than the other boy.

He worked harder and became the top student in school. His years at Grantham were some of the best years of his life. Unfortunately, when Newton was 17, his mother asked him to leave school to be a farmer. However, it was a blessing for science that he had neither the aptitude nor interest in farming.

Two people persuaded Newton’s mother to reconsider her decision. Hannah’s brother who had received an M.A. from Cambridge and Henry Stokes, the headmaster of Grantham School. Stokes convinced Hannah to send Newton back to school.

Stokes who had been immensely impressed by Newton’s performance at school considered him to be the best student he had ever had. After completing his years at Grantham, Newton joined Trinity College, Cambridge in 1661.

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