What is freestyle motocross?

Freestyle motocross is a new motorbike sport where the riders perform daring tricks as they jump off humps on a dirt truck. Sometimes they even let go of their bikes completely!

What is stunt riding?

Stunt riders speed up ramps on their bikes, and jump over cars, buses and trucks. The most famous stunt rider of all, Evel Knievel, even tried to jump a canyon in a rocket-powered ‘skycycle’ in 1974. He nearly drowned in the attempt. Evel claims that he has broken every bone in his body.

Amazing! Teams of stunt riders perform incredible tricks such as building motorcycle pyramids and jumping through rings of fire. For a pyramid, the team members balance on each other’s shoulders while the bikes are moving.

What is the wall of death?

The wall of death is a circular, vertical wall. Stunt riders whizz round and round it on their motorbikes, as if they’re riding inside a tin can! They have to ride at full speed to stop falling off the wall.

Is it true? Riding on one wheel is impossible.

No. Riders can lift their front wheels off the ground and ride along on the rear wheel. This trick is called a wheelie. Superbike racers do wheelies to celebrate winning a race.

Picture Credit : Google