What is excessive hunting?

Too Much Hunting

Hyenas and hawks, foxes and frogs, spiders and snakes, lions and lizards, dolphins and dragonflies – all these, and many more animals, are hunters. They hunt and kill other creatures for food. Some people think such killing is cruel, but it keeps nature in balance.

People are hunters, too. They hunt for sport and for food. In many cases, hunting does not upset the balance of nature. In many countries, people are allowed to hunt only animals that are plentiful.

But some hunters kill tigers, leopards, otters, alligators, and other rare animals for their fur or skin. They sell the fur or skin to companies that make coats, shoes, belts, and bags from them. Hunters kill rhinoceroses for their horns and elephants for their tusks. They kill as many of these animals as they can for money. In many parts of the world these animals are being wiped out by hunting!

Many governments around the world have passed hunting laws to try to save animals. Hunters who break these laws and are caught have to pay huge fines – or go to prison.

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