Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution

Do you know what a revolution is? It’s a big change in government. Many countries have had revolutions. Some countries celebrate the anniversary of revolutions. In the Philippines, people celebrate the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution on February 25.

On this day in 1986, many Filipinos (Philippine citizens) and leaders of the Roman Catholic Church gathered to demand a change in government. They felt that the government had cheated the people for years. They wanted a new president.

Some soldiers also wanted a different president. They helped the Filipinos and the Catholic leaders block a main street in Manila called Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA). The people’s protest helped show President Ferdinand Marcos that the people did not want him. So he left the country. This protest became known as the EDSA Revolution.

Every year on the anniversary of the revolution, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church walk together to the street where the revolution took place. There, they hold a religious ceremony called a Mass to pray for the people of the Philippines and to celebrate the day.

Picture Credit : Google