What is Easter and how do they celebrate it?


Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, died on a cross on a Friday about 2,000 years ago. Christians believe that on the following Sunday, Christ arose from the dead and, in so doing, proved that He was the Son of God. The day Jesus died and was buried is known as Good Friday. The following Sunday is Easter.

Christians celebrate Easter by going to church. Some people attend special outdoor services at sunrise. The light of the rising sun reminds them of the light that comes back to the world with the newly risen Jesus.

Easter customs include wearing new clothes, which represent new life, and eating lamb, which represents Jesus, “the Lamb of God”. Eating and hunting coloured Easter eggs are also popular customs. Some children play a game with eggs. They roll the eggs down a hill. The egg that stays uncracked the longest wins.

Most Christians celebrate Easter on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. Others celebrate it between April 3 and May 8. Whenever Easter comes, it’s the oldest, the most important, and the most joyful of all Christian holy days.

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