What is called perspective?

Putting it in Perspective

How do artists do it? They paint their pictures on flat surfaces, but we seem to see deep into the pictures. Why? Because the artists use what is called perspective.

In real life, street lights down the road look as if they are smaller than street lights that are nearby. Artists try to get this effect in their painting using perspective. This means they paint some things small and short to show that they are supposed to be far away.

In the same picture, the artist paints everything at the front of the picture larger. These larger things make up the foreground. Everything in between the background and the foreground makes up the middle ground. Having a foreground, a middle ground, and a background gives a painting depth, or perspective.

Artists use even more tricks to give their paintings depth. Sometimes they paint the background pale and misty. This makes the background look far away. Other times, they draw the straight lines in a street or road so they meet in the background. This makes the road seem to disappear in the distance just as a real road appears to do.

Picture Credit : Google