Simon Bolivar’s Birthday

Simon Bolivar Day is a national holiday in Venezuela and is always celebrated on July 24th. It commemorates the birthday of Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan who played a key role in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia becoming independent from Spain.

Simon Bolivar is one of the greatest heroes of South America. He was born in Venezuela in 1783 and became a general for a South American army. Bolivar fought for the freedom of the Spanish colonies in South America.

In 1819, Bolivar became the first president of a union of South American countries. Finally, in 1824, Bolivar crushed the Spanish army. He had won independence for what are now Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

Those six countries honour Simon Bolivar on his birthday, July 24.

The country of Bolivia was named after Bolivar, and a silver coin used today in Venezuela is called the Bolivar.

Picture Credit : Google