Life can be busy and stressful. Here’s where Aloe Bud comes in, making it enjoyable to check in with yourself every day for a bit of self-care. There’s no sign up process, no “friend-finding” function, no pressure of joining yet another social network. Users set reminders to do little things like Hydrate, Breathe, Rest, Motivate or Be kind. All tasks fall under three umbrellas: emotional, mental and physical. For each activity, users can check in or write a reflection. You can use the app for journaling, too. The creators have concentrated on using only positive and encouraging language whether it is for the name of the activity (“fuel” instead of “food”) or for push notifications (“You’ve got to nourish to flourish!”). Free for iOS. The app is the latest to enter the booming “self-care” market, which caters to a largely younger demographic who are better handling the pressures of modern-day life by carving out time for themselves to mediate, relax, and practice other mindfulness techniques. Some older folks have scoffed at the movement, claiming millennials are too self-involved – or they just scratch their head in confusion. (“Mindfulness?”)

But there’s real demand for these self-care applications and services – in the first quarter of the year, the top ten self-care apps pulled in $15 million in revenue. Now who’s scoffing? However, most of the self-care apps today are focused on meditation and calming techniques, not on the day-to-day aspects of self-care. That’s where Aloe Bud comes in. Even cynics will have to admit the app is kind of adorable with its soft color scheme and its original, retro-ish pixel art icons.

Picture Credit : Google 

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