A scooter has small wheels, a small engine near the rear wheel, and a gap in the frame for the rider’s legs. They are cheap to run and good for nipping around busy towns and cities.

Amazing! You can buy toy motorbikes which are models of real bikes, with tiny engines and the same controls as a full-sized bike. They’re not allowed on the road though.

Which is the best-selling motorbike ever?

The 50 cc Honda Super Cub, which went on sale in 1958, is the biggest selling motorbike ever. This little bike is cheap to run, and is still popular all over the world.

Is it true? The scooter is a recent invention.

No. Scooters became popular in Italy in the 1950s, and in the 1960s they became very trendy. They were ridden by young British men called mods, which dressed in green parka coats and customized their scooters with lots of mirrors and flags.

Which scooter fits in a car boot?

The American-made Autoped, which was produced in 1915, could be folded up to fit into the boot of a car. In recent years, as traffic has become busier, fold-up scooters have become popular again for cheap and speedy travel.

Picture Credit : Google