What is a lasting impression?

A Lasting Impression

Sometimes artists leave out the details in a painting to create a feeling. Half-close your eyes and look at this painting. You can almost feel the sunshine poking through the treetops and warming the forest floor.

Now look at the picture closely. It does not show much detail. You cannot see the bark on the trees or even the kinds of trees in the forest. The artist has painted only an impression of the scene.

In the close-up photo above, you can see all the details of a forest. It looks as if the camera captured every pine needle! But when you see a forest in one quick look, you do not see all the detail. You see it as the painter did – a blurry impression of colour, light, and shade.

A painting does not always need lots of detail. The colours can make an impression of a scene without all the details that show up in a photo.

Picture Credit : Google