What is a Jack-knife?

A jack-knife happens when a truck driver tries to stop, but the trailer slides sideways, out of control. A jack-knife is very dangerous – the trailer might turn over. It is named after a Knife with a folding blade.

How do truck drivers talk to each other?

Truck drivers talk to each other on citizens’ band (C.B) radios. They warn each other about traffic jams or bad weather. Drivers use nicknames called handles instead of their real names.

Amazing! During the winter, some truck drivers build fires under their cabs while they are stopped! When diesel fuel gets very cold it goes thick and gooey, so drivers try to keep it warm and runny so that their engines will start again without any trouble.

Is it true? Trucks have up to 16 gears.

Yes. Trucks need lots of gears. They need very low gears for starting off with a heavy load and for slowly climbing steep hills. They also need very high gears for travelling quickly on motorways.

Where do truckers sleep?

Some long-distance truck drivers sleep in bunks behind or over their seats. The biggest trucks have a sleeper compartment behind the cab, with a toilet and shower.

Picture Credit : Google