What is a bird of prey?

Birds of prey catch and eat other animals. They are excellent hunters, with strong hooked beaks and sharp claws called talons, which they use to kill and tear at prey.

Why are birds of prey good hunters?

The eyes of a bird of prey are different from other birds’ eyes. They’re very big, and face forwards so they can judge detail and distance well. A buzzard’s eyes are as big as yours!

Amazing! Eagles can catch animals much bigger and heavier than themselves. The harpy eagle which lives in South American jungles is the biggest eagle of all. It has huge feet which it uses for grabbing and crushing monkeys and other animals.

Is it true? Some birds eat eggs.

Yes. The Egyptian vulture uses stones to break into its favourite food, ostrich eggs. Birds can have very fussy tastes. Bat hawks, for example, only eat bats. Some eagles eat fish, while others prefer snakes.

How do ospreys hunt?

Ospreys fly high above the water looking for fish. When they spot one, they dive and enter the water feet-first to catch it. Their toes have tiny sharp spikes for gripping slippery fish.

Picture Credit : Google