What helps around the house?

The spiders you see scurrying around your home can be very useful to us. They help get rid of pests, such as flies which carry germs, and there are helpful creepy-crawlies in the garden, too. Hoverflies and ladybirds eat greenfly, and earthworms help improve the soil.

Amazing! Most homes are full of creepy-crawlies, often too small to see without a magnifying glass. Moth larvae eat wool, booklice feed on books, carpet beetles munch carpets, silver fish scuttle under baths, furniture beetles tunnel through furniture, fleas live on cats and dogs, cockroaches lurk behind cookers.

Is it true? Spiders get into the bath by climbing up the drainpipe and through the plug hole.

No. It’s more likely that they fall down the bath’s slippery sides, while roaming around our houses looking for a mate.

Who has been sleeping in my bed?

Dust mites are smaller than a full stop. They live all over the house, but they particularly like beds. Bed bugs are now quite rare, but in some countries they feed on sleeping people.

Who has been in the biscuit tin?

Many creepy-crawlies like to live around food. Cheese mites lay their eggs on cheese. Spider beetles eat spices and sauce mixes. An old bag of flour may contain mites, caterpillars and beetles. Guess what the biscuit beetle prefers? Hard dry ones luckily, not jammy dodgers.

Picture Credit : Google