What has Greta Thunberg done for the environment?

It’s not Al Gore. It’s not DiCaprio. It’s a teenager that’s undeniably the face of the environment chapter in the book of impactful stories from the decade. Swede Greta Thunberg’s story begins on August 20, 2018, when the 15-year-old skips school to protest outside parliament for more action against climate change, with just a placard in hand. Within a week, she is joined by students, teachers, parents, and has the attention of the media. Soon enough, she marks Fridays for climate protest, and suggests students everywhere take up the “Fridays of Future” campaign by staging walkouts at their own schools. How she made an entire world hear her out is history. When a few world leaders undermined her concerns, determination and impact, she came up with witty updates on her social media pages, showing them – and us – that she’s more than just a concerned teenager asking irresponsible adults “How Dare You?”


Picture Credit : Google