What happens during a lightning?

You would have likely seen a lightning at one point of time or another. Did you know that the electrical discharges as a result of imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves, is what is referred to as a lightning? These normally occur within clouds.

When a storm is occurring, the colliding particles of rain, ice or snow inside these storm clouds change the balance between the clouds and the ground. Whereas the lower reaches of the clouds often become negatively charged, the objects on the ground, including the Earth, become positively charged.

The resulting lightning passes current between the two charges and is nature’s way of normalizing the imbalance.

Lightning are extremely hot and it is this heat that causes the surrounding air to expand and vibrate in a rapid manner. This results in the thunder that we hear shortly after seeing a lightning flash. Lightnings are surely spectacular sights, but they are also deadly. There are thousands who die by lightning strikes every year, despite the fact that nearly nine out of 10 people who are hit by a lightning survive. The thousands of survivors are left with a variety of symptoms, ranging from memory loss and weakness to numbness.


Picture Credit : Google