Highland Games

Bagpipes sound and drums thunder. Men and women in tartan kilts perform traditional Scottish dances. All around are contests of athletics and strength. It’s the Highland Games, traditional Scottish contests of athletics, dancing, and music.

Highland games have been a part of Scotland’s culture for hundreds of years and are just as popular today as they’ve ever been. And it’s no wonder when you experience the sense of community, heritage and celebration at each of Scotland’s Highland games.

Every Highland games event has a unique character and traditions, and many are held in simply stunning locations. Make new friends with the locals and other visitors as you enjoy our Scottish hospitality and watch a gripping sporting spectacle of champions, with dancing, music, and more.

Highland games are events held in spring and summer in Scotland and other countries with a large Scottish Diaspora, as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture, especially that of the Scottish Highlands Games. Certain aspects of the games are so well known as to have become emblematic of Scotland, such as the bagpipes, the kilt, and the heavy events, especially the caber toss. While centered on competitions in piping and drumming, dancing, and Scottish heavy athletics, the games also include entertainment and exhibits related to other aspects of Scottish and Gaelic cultures.

There are races, jumping contests, and more. One of the unusual events at the games is the caber-throwing contest. A caber looks a bit like a short telegraph pole. This game is a test of strength.

Highland games were first held in the rugged Highlands of northern Scotland. Today, they are held at different times in Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.A.

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