What do we know about Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers and the third president of the United States. He was a great thinker, architect, farmer and patriot. Historians generally praise Jefferson’s public achievements, including his advocacy of religious freedom and tolerance in Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson was born into a wealthy plantation family in 1743. Jefferson was gifted with words; he found it easier to write down his thought than to speak them. No wonder, he was entrusted with the responsibility to pen down the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was signed by the Congressional representatives of thirteen states, including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, and was approved on 4 July 1776. Jefferson served as the Secretary of State under President George Washington.

Before becoming the president, Jefferson served as the vice president of the country in 1797. Jefferson made some important decisions for the country during his tenure as the president. It was Jefferson’s idea to create U.S. monetary system on a decimal system with the dollar as the base.

He bought a huge area of land from France that doubled the size of the nation. This is known as the Louisiana Purchase in history. After serving as the president for two terms, Jefferson retired to Monticello, his enormous plantation home, where he continued to write until his death.

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