What do we know about the platinum group of metals?

A group of six metals – ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum-are known as the platinum group of metals or PGM. The group is called by this name because platinum is found more than the others though all of them are very rare.

The platinum groups of metals have physical, chemical and anatomical similarities. They are dense, stable and are often recycled to have longer lives. The group has a variety of highly specialized uses.

Platinum is a silvery white metal that is more expensive than gold. It is used to make jewellery. Platinum and palladium are often used as catalysts. Iridium and rhodium are harder and have a lot of alloying applications. There are very few minerals containing the platinum group of metals, and they are found mainly in South Africa and Russia.

Picture Credit : Google