What do we know about Einstein’s final years?

In 1949, seventy-year-old Einstein’s health was slowly failing. Following the death of his wife Elsa in 1936, his stepdaughter Margot ran the household. She also maintained Einstein’s privacy, which he cherished. Einstein’s sister Maja had been living with him. He would read to her every night after she suffered a stroke.

Einstein’s first wife Mileva died in 1948. Their son Hans Albert Einstein became an engineer and a professor of hydraulics at the University of California in Berkeley. Their other son Eduard did not fare as well. He had been ill for many years as a young man and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Eduard was hospitalized and remained institutionalized for the rest of his life.

Albert Einstein passed away on 18th April, 1955, a month after his seventy-sixth birthday. The cause of death was an aortic aneurysm- the abnormal swelling of a major artery-that burst.

His body was cremated and the ashes were scattered in a secret location.

Picture Credit : Google