What do newly hatched birds look like?

The young of tree-nesting birds are naked and blind at first. Their parents have to look after them, and they are always hungry! They open their beaks wide and call loudly, which forces the parents to feed them.

What sits on its mother’s back?

Baby grebes can swim soon after they hatch. When they get cold or tired, they sit on their mother’s back to warm up and have a rest.

Amazing! The hummingbird lays the world’s smallest eggs. Each is only the size of your fingernail. Compared to this, an ostrich egg is huge, and thousands of times heavier.

Which father sits on his eggs until they hatch?

The male ostrich makes eggs with up to twelve different females. The females all lay their eggs in same nest. The male then sits on them himself until they hatch. Many types of male bird, including pigeons, take it in turns with the female to sit on the eggs.

Is it true? A duckling could mistake you for its mother.

Yes. A duckling thinks that the first creature it sees after hatching is its mother. If you were around, that would be you!

Picture Credit : Google