What are the the effective ways to make holidays creative?

It is vacation time and this is when every kid indulges themselves to the hilt. Time is at your disposal and there is not a worry in the world about assignments or tuition classes. Be it reading or sleeping in, there are several ways for you to enjoy the holidays. How about making your free time a little more productive? We have put together a set of creative ways to spend your time indoors.

Write a short story

This holiday season, why not try writing a story? Choose the short story format so that you can finish it within the holidays. The first thing you need to do is to identify an idea. It can be inspired by real-life incidents or can be purely fictional. Think about the multiple endings an incident can have. Add in drama and conflict. Bring in the characters, build them up. and identify their conflicts and goals. Try to bring challenges and figure out your story's message. Once you make a note of the ideas, you can start writing the story. If you. have a writer's block and cannot get ahead and want inspiration, try reading the beginnings of a few famous books. You can start writing from anywhere. Just start writing and everything will follow.

Prepare a scrapbook on any issue that's close to your heart

A scrapbook project is a very creative activity you can indulge in during your vacation. Think about a theme or story or some issue that is close to you and start a visual narrative around it. This is your scrapbook album. You might need a few supplies for this such as scrapbooks or pattern papers, tapes, pens, highlighters, and embellishments. With a beautiful scrapbook, you would have preserved a memory in time!

Make holiday cards

Are you missing your friends? Christmas and New Year aren't the only occasions to make holiday cards. You can make these cards for any occasion. Get a cardstock paper and then fix the size of your card. Decide on the theme of the holiday card. Write out the greeting message and then embellish it with foil, sequins, beads, stones, pattern papers, ribbons and so on.

Find out more about your family history

How about learning more about your roots? This vacation, try to know more about yourself and prepare a book with pictures. You can even learn more about the flora or fauna in your neighbourhood. This helps you record people, places and events and can offer in a nutshell every information you need to know. You can try making a family tree even. A family tree is a representation of family relationships in a tree structure. This can help you know more about your genealogy, and even help build connections with long-lost family members.

Write and illustrate a comic book

You must be familiar with superheroes and comic books. How about creating your own superheroes with superpowers? This vacation, unleash your imagination and create a superhero with the superpower you wish you had. Create a supervillain and illustrate a comic book. The characters can be drawn from real life or can be fictitious. Maybe you will end up creating a superhero kid with multiple superpowers who wants to change the world.

Get creative with whatever is available at home

You don't need high-end craft paraphernalia for creativity. Look around. See that old terracotta plant pot idling away. Why don't you add some colours to it and paint it? Embellish it with beads, sequins, and add colour and you get a pretty pot. Now go ahead and plant a sapling in it and keep it on your window sill. You have just made a corner of your home more interesting and creative. Any and every scrap or rag can become a craft piece if you know how to turn it around and use it as an embellishment or as a product for your craft work. Use the old jewellery, party streamers, ribbons, or buttons and stick them onto old pots or onto your journal and make them more interesting. One of the quickest things you can do is make a bookmark. Why not start with that?

Create a puppet show

The time has come to dig out your old socks. Now go ahead and create your own funny puppet characters. Have any demands that need to be met by your friends or parents? Use the puppet to talk to them. It will be a fun way to get your message across and you can always blame it on the puppet if they disagree with your idea or request. You can also create a range of stories with the puppets and this will keep you engaged for hours.

Create your own puzzles and games

We all enjoy playing games and puzzles. But we play according to the rules of the game. Ever wondered about tweaking the rules or the game itself? if this thought occurred to you, then it is time to create your own puzzle or games. Take an old cardboard box, and create your own fun marble puzzle. Or you can even make a kite using the newspapers. If you like doing jigsaw puzzles, then why not create one by yourself? Choose a photo you like, that of a monument or a animal and take a print out. Now create a personalised photo jigsaw puzzle. You can choose the pictures based on the difficulty level you want. Then try putting the photo puzzle together.

Learn a new skill

Why not use your time to learn a new skill? You can learn a creative art form such as dance or playing an instrument, a craft such as paper quilling, decoupage or origami or even a new language Surprise your friends by greeting them in a different language when you see them next in school after the holidays.

Hang a bird feeder

The summers are indeed a time when most water bodies get dried up. So it will be a great help for the birds if you leave a bowl of water outside and set up a bird feeder. It can be near your window sill and should have some shade. The bird feeder should be perched well above the ground so that birds can come and feed from it without worrying about animals such as cats or dogs. Wait for some days and you will be able to see different types of birds coming and feeding from them.

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