What are the special features of the little cormorant?

            The little cormorant is another fish-loving bird which is black and as large as a duck. Unlike the darter, it has a short thick neck and a long tail. These birds have web like feet that help to propel them in water. They are generally found in lakes or large inland waters, as single birds, small flocks, or even as an assembly of close knit birds.

            The major diet of these birds is fish caught from under water while swimming. The caught fish are brought to the surface and swallowed. The cormorants can fly very fast, often close to the water. They also have the habit of drying their wings by opening them out in the sun. They build their nests along with other water birds in trees. These birds produce low roaring sounds when they are near their nests.

            The little cormorants are widely distributed in India and they are sometimes called Javanese cormorants.