What are the special characteristics of Egyptian vultures?

            The Egyptian vulture does not look much like a vulture. They have a peculiar feather cover over their heads. The adult birds are generally white in colour.

            They have a yellow bill and a leathery patch on their face. The young birds are often brown, with a strange combination of white and grey.

           Egyptian vultures are silent birds, seen as small groups in the premises of villages and towns. Adding to their shabby image, these birds are commonly seen near garbage and dumps. These happen to be their usual roosting sites too.

            In their search for food, they cover large areas, flying high in the air. They can be seen perching on ruins, high roofs and tombs. They build nest atop buildings, tall trees or cliffs, where the females lay beautiful white eggs.

            These birds can be seen in Northwest India. They are also common in Europe and Africa.