What are the popular games of India?

          There are several games played all over the world. They are divided into two broad categories – indoor and outdoor games. They can also be grouped as indigenous (Indian) and foreign games. By Indian games we mean those games which are exclusively Indian in origin and form. 

          Polo is widely known as an Indian game. Although it is said to have originated in Persia or modern Iran, it has been played over a very long time in India. It has developed and evolved to its present form in this country and is rightly considered an Indian game. Polo is a game played on horseback with ‘mallet’ and was known as ‘chaugan’. It is an expensive game. It was very much liked by noblemen and princes. It was, therefore, not a game of the common people. Polo started as a game in the cavalry units of the king’s army and other mounted troops. 



           Kabaddi, played throughout the country in some form or the other, is another popular game of India. It is simple and does not involve any expenditure. In Maharashtra, it is called ‘Tu, Tu, Tu’, and in Tamilnadu ‘Chudy-cudu’. 



          The game of kho-kho is said to have originated at Baroda in Gujarat. Today, it is quite popular in schools and colleges throughout the country. There are even regular inter-university ‘kho-kho’ championships held every year.

Other popular Indian outdoor games include kite-flying, stick-ball and gulli danda. Among the indoor games are chaupur, chess and cards. Apart from these there are several local games played in different parts of the country.