What are the functions of muscles?

Every movement you make uses muscles. They allow you to smile, walk, lift, and run. Muscles also move blood around the body and food through the digestive system. Some muscles must be ordered by the brain to move, while others work without us even thinking about them.

The involuntary cardiac and smooth muscles help your heart beat and blood flow through your body by producing electrical impulses. The cardiac muscle (myocardium) is found in the walls of the heart. It’s controlled by the autonomic nervous system responsible for most bodily functions.

Your diaphragm is the main muscle at work during quiet breathing. Heavier breathing, like what you experience during exercise, may require accessory muscles to help the diaphragm. These can include the abdominal, neck, and back muscles.

All the muscles in your urinary system work together so you can urinate. The dome of your bladder is made of smooth muscles. You can release urine when those muscles tighten. When they relax, you can hold in your urine.


Picture Credit : Google