What are the features of the Brahminy kite?

          Brahminy kites seen in most parts of India have a striking chestnut coloured plumage. But their head is white and wing tips are black.

          They are usually seen as solitary birds near the coasts and in inland wetlands. But occasionally, they can also be seen in large gatherings. They build their nests atop tall isolated trees near water. The nests will be like large stick platforms where we can see greyish or pinkish eggs with reddish brown spots.

          They prefer to collect their food from the surface of water, rather than from land and therefore, sea ports and fishing docks are places where we can commonly see these birds. These birds also enter human settlements, just like pariah kites and crows. The bird is a common one in most parts of India. Outside India, Brahminy kites are seen in China and Australia.