What are the different ways to say hello?

How many different ways can you say hello? Here are seven different ways. Try them!

  • In French, you say Bon jour
  • In Portuguese, you say Ola
  • In Turkish, you say Merhaba
  • In Vietnamese, you say Xin Chao
  • In Spanish, you say Hola
  • In Lithuanian, you say Labas
  • In Swahili, you say Jambo

Now, how do you “see” hello? It depends on who’s writing it! Try copying some of these friendly written greetings from around the world.

Do you want to learn more words in another language? Find a radio station or TV channel on which people are speaking another language. Listen for a while. See if you can work out what some of the words mean. Practise saying them. Or read product labels and public signs that include your language and another language. Compare the words and see how much you can understand.


Picture Credit : Google