What are the different ways to derive the best sound experience while listening to music on the computer?

Music is a form of expression. It has the ability to uplift your mood and calm you down. Many of us like to listen to music in the background while using the computer or laptop.

In-built speakers

Many desktop computers and laptops come with in-built speakers you can use to listen to music. However, most of the time, the clarity offered by the default speaker is not the best. The sound may be really low and when maximised, it may get patchy. If you are someone who is okay with listening to music at low volume and don’t expect the best clarity, the n the in-built speakers should be enough.

External/Bluetooth speaker

More often than not, many people buy external speakers or Bluetooth speakers to listen to music or watch videos on the computer. An external speaker is usually connected to the computer using the port in it, while a Bluetooth speaker can be connected using either Bluetooth or auxiliary (aux) cable. To connect most Bluetooth speakers to the computer, you will have to buy your own aux cable.

These speakers range from as low as Rs. 1000 to as high as a lakh. Depending on your budget and the desired clarity, you can choose one for your computer.

These speakers can also be used with other devices such as the television.


Earphones have become an integral part of people lives when it comes to listening to music. They are portable, and offer a sense of privacy apart from ensuring better quality sound.

There are different types of earphones in the market which can be broadly categorised into wired and wireless.

Wired earphones need to be played into the port in your computer, while wireless will connect using Bluetooth.

There are different designs for the earpiece in earphones. You can try them out and decide which ones are the most comfortable. There are also noise-cancelling earphones available in the market. These cut down ambient noise, providing outstanding sound quality.

Earphones come in different price ranges. Buy one based on your budget and requirement.


As the name suggests, these work the same way as earphones, except that they are worn around the head and over your ears. These are also available in wired and wireless forms.

There are different designs available in the market. While some headphones go over your head like a hairband, some rest on the back of your head, a little above your neck.

The earmuffs that come with headphones are also available in different materials. Ensure you try out the headphones before buying them. Most headphones are adjustable.

They are available in various price ranges. Pick one based on your budget and requirement.


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