What are the different ways of taking food by animals?

Animals Eat

All plants and all animals need food. Most plants make their own food from light, water, and substances in the ground and air. But animals cannot make their own food. They must eat plants or other animals to live. Different kinds of animals eat in different kinds of ways. A chameleon flips out its sticky tongue and catches insects. A lammergeyer, a type of vulture, uses its sharp claws and hooked beak to tear its food.

A butterfly has a part of its mouth like a built-in straw. It’s called a proboscis. The butterfly keeps its proboscis rolled up until it gets hungry. Then it unrolls its proboscis, puts it into a flower, and sucks up sweet nectar.

A ground squirrel has strong teeth for cracking nuts and seeds. It carries food home in its cheeks and “squirrels” it away.

A baleen whale fills its mouth with seawater. The water is full of tiny plants and animals. The whale lets the water run out of its mouth. Then it swallows the plants and animals that remain.

Picture Credit : Google