What are the different meanings of gestures in America and China?

Gestures are important means of communication, it is true, but sometimes, they can prove troublesome. This happens when the same gesture has different meanings in different When an American meets a Chinese, they will both greet each other with a handshake. Some of the gestures they use will have a common meaning… waving a hand to say good bye, frowning to show displeasure, nodding the head to say ‘yes’ and shaking it from side to side to say ‘no’.However, some gestures means different things to an American and a Chinese. An American will stamp his foot when he is impatient, a Chinese when he is angry. For an American, starting is very rude, while for a Chinese it is only a sign of curiosity or surprise. When an American makes a shushing sound, it means ‘be quiet’, while for a Chinese it is a sign of displeasure. Never pat a Chinese on the head. You may think you are encouraging him or consoling him, but for the Chinese, a pat on the head is an insult!