What are the different kinds of trains?

People all over the world use trains. There are many different kinds of trains. Some trains pull wagons filled with goods. Cattle, oil, coal, and cars are transported in special types of wagons. Trains also carry container trucks and containers for ships.

Trains that carry people are called passenger trains. Passenger trains have toilets. They sometimes have a dining car so that passengers can eat. Some even have sleeping cars.

Some passenger trains make short trips. Many people travel to work in such trains. These trains are very fast. France and Japan have some of the world’s fastest intercity (between cities) trains.

Tracks keep the train on its path. The motor turns the wheels. The wheels turn on tracks. Most tracks are made of two rails, but some use only one rail.

Trains have many cars linked together. The locomotive provides the power. It is usually the wagon at the front, but an engine can pull or push a train, so sometimes it is at the rear of the train. Trains are powered by steam, diesel fuel, or electricity. Few steam engines are used today. Modern locomotives are faster and cleaner than steam engines. They use less fuel, too.

Tram cars are trains that look like buses. They have one car that holds many passengers. Their metal wheels run on two rails in the street. A cable hangs above the rails. It supplies electric power for the tram.

Subway trains move on tracks underground. They also have a third rail. The third rail provides electric power to make the train move.


Picture Credit : Google