What are the different kinds of donkeys?

       Have you heard people using the word ‘donkey’ as a derisive term? The donkey has been a synonym for stupidity, ignorance and stubbornness.

       However, in truth, donkeys are more intelligent than some of the members of their own family. Generally, three main types of donkeys are identified: wild, feral and domesticated.

       Wild donkeys are the biggest among them. They grow about 125 centimetres from hoof to shoulder. They weigh about 250 kilograms too. Domesticated donkeys are those that are used by Man for domestic purpose. They vary in size, depending on how they are bred.

       Oklahoma State University lists eight different types of domesticated asses. Their weight varies from 180 kg to 225 kg. Their height is about 92cm from hoof to shoulder.

       Feral donkeys are those that had been once domesticated, but have now turned wild.

Picture Credit : Google