What are the characteristics of the Bonelli’s eagle?

     The Bonelli’s eagle is a large bird of prey, found on hilly and mountainous environments which are open to vegetated land. They prefer dry or not-so-moist climates and are seen from sea level to an altitude of 1.5 kilometres.

           The upperparts of this bird are generally brown and the lower parts are light in colour. It has dark covert feathers and light flight feathers. This bird is gifted with a very strong bill which is pale with a dark tip.

          The Bonelli’s eagle does not fly as high as other eagles and prefers staying close to prey sources. These birds often chase preys in pairs. They take large prey items, usually mammals or birds. Mammals up to the size of a hare are regularly taken. They may also attack the nests of some water birds to rob them of their fish collection.

         The breeding spots of these birds are usually mountainous cliffs or large trees. They construct very big nests and reuse these nests for many years.

         These birds are found in many parts of India.