What are the characteristics of the barn owl?

          The barn owl is the most commonly found variety of owl. Like all other owls, these are nocturnal birds, meaning that they are active during the night.

          They are medium-sized birds. The golden and whitish colours of these birds give them a ghostly image at night. In artificial light, they usually look completely white. They have small black eyes on a long heart shaped face.

          These owls can hunt efficiently even in complete darkness because they do not depend on eyesight that much. Their primary tool is their keen hearing ability, through asymmetrically placed ears. Instead of hooting, these owls make a strange, high-pitched cry.

          They prefer roaming in urban areas and cultivated lands and build their nest on buildings or tree holes. Small rodent mammals like mice, rats and squirrels are the favourite preys of barn owls.

          Barn owls are very common in many parts of India. They are not threatened globally.