What are mules and ponies?

       Mules and ponies are relatives of horses and donkeys. Do you know that a mule is the offspring of a donkey father and a horse mother?

       A mule runs faster than a donkey and is intelligent than a horse. It has a longer life span too. If an offspring is born out of a donkey mother and a horse father, then it is called a hinny. They are not generally as strong as mules.

       Ponies are horses, except that they are a miniature variety of horses. A fully-grown pony will be as short as 1.44 metres at its back, which is known as the withers, the highest part of a horse. Pones are very strong animals. In olden times, children and women used ponies for riding. Children typically learned the tricks of horse riding on a pony. However, all ponies are not necessarily very small. There are bigger varieties too.

Picture Credit : Google