A ship is a big boat Ships are designed to travel the ocean. They usually have several decks, or floors, below the water level.

Some ships, like cruise liners, are out at sea for a long time. They have places for sleeping, eating, working, relaxing, and bathing. A luxury cruise liner even has a hospital, hair salon, shops, and swimming pools.

Most ships are working ships. They are used to carry goods or cargo.

Freighters carry bananas, cotton, coffee, plastics, and cloth. The cargo travels in big metal boxes. Tankers carry bulk cargo, like crude oil or wheat. The cargo is poured right into the hull.

Some fishing ships are like floating factories. They process and freeze the fish on board the ship. Sometimes these ships are at sea for months.

Some Navy ships have large upper decks. Fighter jets land and take off from this deck. Some Navy ships carry researchers, soldiers, tanks, and even helicopters.


Picture Credit : Google