What are fertile Floodplains?

These are flat areas of land next to a river. Water in river may increase for some reason and become too much for the river to carry. It then overflows onto the floodplain. Soil in floodplains is usually very fertile.

A flood plain consists of two parts. The first is the main channel of the river itself, called the floodway. Floodways can sometimes be seasonal, meaning the channel is dry for part of the year. 

Beyond the floodway is the flood fringe. The flood fringe extends from the outer banks of the floodway to the bluff lines of a river valley. Bluff lines, also called valley walls, mark the area where the valley floor begins to rise into bluffs.

Some rivers have very narrow flood plains. In fact, some rivers, or parts of rivers, seem to have no flood plain at all. These rivers usually have a steep stream gradient—a very deep, fast-moving channel. 


Picture Credit : Google