Were there dinosaurs in the sea?

No. All dinosaurs lived on land, but there was a variety of strange reptiles that swam in the seas in dinosaur times. Ichthyosaurs were strong swimming reptiles that looked like dolphins and could breathe air. They probably hunted in packs, feeding on fish and squid.

Amazing! The largest lizards ever were Mosasaurs, huge reptiles that swam in the sea. They were real sea monsters – ten metres long with huge mouths, and they looked like dragons! They probably ate anything they could catch.

Is it true? The Loch Ness Monster exists.

Who knows? People who believe that there really is a monster in Loch Ness think it may well be a Plesiosaur. What do you think?

What was all neck?

Plesiosaurs were also swimming reptiles. They had four paddle-like limbs and a tail. Elasmosaurus was a long-necked plesiosaur. Its tiny head sat on an amazingly long neck that was half its total length of 13 metres.

What had a huge head?

Liopleurodon was one of the short-necked plesiosaurs. But its head was four metres long! It probably fed on shellfish and turtles, crunching them up with dagger-like teeth that were ten centimetres long.

Picture Credit : Google