I had a boyfriend and my parents found out about him. After that many restrictions were put on me. My mom is completely orthodox and keeps abusing me the whole day over this issue. I have ended my relationship with him for my family but they still don’t trust me and keep abusing me. I feel like committing suicide. Please help me.

Dear, it is painful to experience lack of trust and abuses from one’s own family members (especially from the mother) because of having a boyfriend. You knew that, in spite of living in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, your mom is “completely orthodox” and probably also your other family members; this means they do not accept that boys and girls build up close relationships. Maybe they thought you were spending a lot time with that boy or neglecting your studies because of him and wanted to put an end to it (as you have done). It will never be stressed enough that in the family parents should never abuse their children, rather they should build a patient and loving dialogue with them, especially during the teenage, order to help understand each other and solve peacefully any problem.

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