The smart planter with feelings

The Lua Smart Plant Pot transforms your favourite houseplant into a virtual pet combined with the thrill of actually keeping something real alive. An accompanying app lets users generate information specific to that plant. Lua uses a range of sensors to monitor moisture, light and temperature and detect how the plant is feeling, and conveys that by way of a cartoon face on a 2.4 inch LED screen. For example, if light exposure isn’t enough a vampire face will appear. If you forget to water your friend, a thirsty face displays or a face with chattering teeth appears if the plant is too cold, a sweating face if the plant is too hot, a squinting face for too much light and a sick face for too much water. When all is well, Lua has a serene smile. It even goes to sleep and wakes up when it detects movement, following objects with its eyes.


Picture Credit : Google