How was the Moon formed?

The Moon and the Earth are thought to have been formed at the same time and in the same manner, resulting from the coalescing of the same gas and dust orbiting around the Solar System.









What is the age of the Moon?

A study of Moon rocks (brought to Earth by astronauts) indicates that the Moon and the Earth are of the same age (about 4,600 billion years old).






What materials is the Moon made of?

The same elements found on the Earth are found on the Moon, though in different proportions. The Moon has no air or water.

What is the internal structure of the Moon?

The moon has a core mental and crust as in the case of the Earth (though the characteristics of these zones are different). The crust has however two distinct layers- the upper crust. Also between the lower crust and the mantle is another distinct but thin region called the asthenosphere.

What is the density of the Moon?

The density of the Moon is about 60% of the Earth’s density, since heavier elements like iron occur in lesser proportion on the Moon than on the Earth.