What are the Solstices?

During the year, the position of the Sun in the sky, as viewed from the Earth shifts from north to south and back again. In other words solstice occurs on either to the days on which the Sun is farthest north or south of the celestial equator each year. The points of solstice correspond to the northernmost and southernmost positions of the Sun in the sky.




What is the structure of the Earth?

Earth has a molten liquid core of iron, nickel and magnesium silicates. At the surface of the Earth is a solid layer called the crust. A semi fluid zone called the mantle exists between the crust and core. About 70% of the Earth’s surface includes north and south polar icecaps it is covered with water.









What is the precession of the Earth’s axis?

The Earth’s axis does not remain steady but wobbles like that of a tilted spinning top. This wobbling is called the precession of the Earth’s axis.