The dance form of the north-eastern State of Manipur is marked by dramatic costumes worn by both women and the men. Do you know what the women’s costume is called?

Potloi was first introduced by Meidingu Bhagyachandra Maharaj (late 1970s) as costume of Gopis in Rasa Lila Dance. The design of Potloi was taken from the dress, Ghagra, worn by dashis at Brindaban. The king instructed the women designers of the Palace to produce a costume similar to Ghagra.

The green colored Potloi was worn by Radha in the rasa Lila. the Gopis were made to to wear red colored Potloi. The color of the Potlois worn by Gopis can be changed according to the dance form. The green color Potloi of Radha signifies that  Krishna is always in the heart of Radha.

A transparent shinning cloth is dropped from the waist to the middle part of the Potloi. This was called Poswal.

Beautiful garland of golden colored flowers, mostly marigold were worn on the neck and head. A white transparent cloth designed on the lower part was dropped from the Kotumbi (the pointed head) till the chin. Other ornaments ans flowers were also used to decorate the hands and nails.


Picture Credit : Google