• Marinate in plastic bags

Eliminate washing up bowls, spoons and even pots by marinating meat and poultry in large self-sealing plastic bags. Open the bag and pour in the liquids and seasonings — soy sauce, tomato sauce, ground ginger, black pepper, crushed garlic, herbs and so on. Zip the bag shut and shake it to blend. Now add the meat, zip the bag and shake. Refrigerate 6-8 hours or overnight. Occasionally take the bag out of the fridge and shake it to redistribute the marinade.

  • Butter stops the dribbles

Dab a bit of butter onto the spout of your milk jug and you will put an end to the drips and dribbles.

  • Oil your measuring cup

Sticky liquids like honey and syrup are difficult to measure and pour and a little always remain behind. Oiling the measuring cup will make it harder for viscous liquids to stick and will give you a more accurate serving.

  • Keep salt on popcorn

If you want salt to stick to popcorn, give it something to cling to by lightly coating just-popped corn with a vegetable-based cooking spray. Avoid olive oil cooking spray because the flavour can overwhelm the taste of popcorn.

  • Add tang to sauce with ginger ale

A little ginger ale will perk up tomato sauces, but be careful not to overdo it. About 80ml ginger ale added to a medium-sized saucepan of tomato and garlic sauce or a tomato juice-based beef stew will help to enhance the flavour.

  • Brighten the taste of juice

For fresher tasting orange juice, add the juice of 1 lemon to every 4 litres. By the glass, squeeze in the juice of a quarter of a lemon, and then place the peel on the rim for a bit of visual flair.

  • Add flavour to plain chips

It’s so easy to make your own garlic-flavoured potato chips. Just place a peeled garlic clove in a bag of plain chips, fasten the bag shut with a clamp or clothes peg and let it sit for 6-8 hours, shaking the bag occasionally to even out the flavour. Then open the bag, discard the garlic clove and crunch away.

  • Dress up a syrup dressing

Adding chopped strawberries and a little lemon zest to the syrup you top pancakes with will make it a lot more interesting. Combine 120ml golden syrup, 100g strawberries and 1/2 tea-spoon grated orange peel in a microwaveable bowl and heat on High for 30-60 seconds. Top pancakes, waffles or French toast with the syrup and then tuck into what is now a much tastier and healthier dish. (Strawberries are packed with vitamin C and manganese.)

Credit : Reader’s Digest

Picture Credit : Google