Situated on the Eastern Ghats in Visakhapatnam district, this picturesque valley showcases verdant fields?

At an elevation of about 3200 ft, Araku is famous for its coffee plantations surrounded by beautiful gardens, streams, waterfalls and valleys that are covered with lush green forests. Situated in the Eastern Ghats, the hill station is about 112 km southeast of Vishakhapatnam.

Araku Valley can be reached by road that goes through thick forests which is an adventure in itself. There are many places of interest like the government silk farm, famous for its mulberry gardens and the tribal museum. The region is home to many tribes and the area is rich in tribal culture.

Being a mountainous region, trekking is a popular activity and the area offers several interesting trails. Most known and popular trekking trails go through dense forests to the summit but a few adventurous trails go through the many streams that dot the landscape and are ideal to view breathtaking waterfalls like the Sangda waterfall.

There are many budget hotels, cottages and resorts. State run lodges provide affordable accommodation and are clustered near the Araku railway station.

Mid-range options are mostly found near the road connecting Araku to Visakhapatnam and a few near Araku railway station.


Picture Credit : Google