Simple tips for a smooth start of school.

The schools are set to open for a new academic year. For some students, it is a time of excitement. For the others, it can be a time of anxiety. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, these simple tips will help you start the year on a strong, optimistic note.

The schools are opening after a long break. It is more like the start of a fresh year! Are you battling first-week jitters? Or are you excited to start the year on a fresh note? We are and we bring to you a set of tips that can help ease you into the next year. It’s going to be a great year!

  • Getting ready the night before

Instead of figuring out your notebooks and picking the outfit on the day, plan everything and keep them packed the previous night itself. This will save you enough time as well as help you start the day on a peaceful note. This ensures that you will not forget any assignments or other paraphemalia required for specific classes. Even if you missed the alarm or want to sleep an extra ten minutes, this routine will hold you well.

  • Never skip breakfast

According to various studies, children who do not skip breakfast and follow a nutritious diet perform better in academics and recreational activities. They are seen to do better at school because they have more energy, are attentive, and get to concentrate better in classes. Consider food as the fuel to your brain.

  • Get a calendar

Keeping a calendar will help you focus on your work and tasks and accomplish them in a better, steadfast manner. You will have not just your day planned, but even your whole week planned. This ensures that you will not miss out on assignments, projects, and other deadlines. Check your calendar regularly and update it.

  • New school, new opportunities

If you are about to move into a new school, then it can feel like a challenging time. But remember that the initial few days at school are going to be a bit chaotic for every student. Even those who aren’t new will be faced with the task of starting all over again as most schools shuffle the students in the classes. Adjusting to new situations, classrooms, classmates, or teachers can be a time of anxiety for most students, regardless of their age. So like you, they will also have to make new friends, get acquainted with the new class, a new set of teachers, and so on. If need be, you can visit the school a few days prior with your guardian and familiarise yourself with the surroundings and class. But when everything is new, it also gives you an advantage. The school is like a clean slate to begin again. The possibilities are limitless. Also, remember that teachers are aware that the first few days can be stressful for newbies and they will do everything to make your settling in easier.

  • Make a routine

Ever since the school closed for summer vacations, most students would have found it hard to stick to a routine. After all, vacations are meant for indulging in leisure activities and spending time away from school and studies. For most kids, their whole routine would have changed. So the first step is to plan and make a routine that you will stick to this academic year. Make a list if needed. Analyse your last academic year and consider the areas where you want to change. This can also bring in some perspective on how to plan for the new academic year. Plan your sleep routine, and set yourself a timetable that allocates enough time for leisure and studies. Start waking up early one week before the classes start. This will help you fall into the routine easily.

  • Reading as a new habit

Regardless of whether you are a bibliophile or not, make it a point to do some extra reading on a daily basis. Start reading newspapers, go to the school library and ask the librarian for book suggestions. Making reading a habit can reward you in countless ways. You will be abreast with what’s happening in the world and it can also make you a more aware, interesting person.

  • Reinvent yourself

A new academic year is a fresh start for everyone. It offers you a chance to leave all the baggage of the past year and work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Say you found the subject of English a bit problematic. Allocate more time every day for that subject. Listen and take notes in the class. Ask questions and do some extra readings. Clear all your doubts on a daily basis. Further, take this year as a new beginning, where you can focus on personal growth. Learn new skills and challenge yourself to do better this year.

  • Build good homework & study habits

Ensure that you have a good environment to study. Such a separate workspace will prevent distractions and help you manage time better. Set enough time for homework. It is equally important to stick to a proper study habit of learning the portions on a daily basis. Finishing off the day’s work on that day itself can set you ahead no matter where you are in life. Learning the portions daily ensures that there is no carryover. This avoids the unnecessary rush to learn everything a few days before a test. This gives you even time to revise the topics you learned. Bringing in the discipline from the start of the academic year will help you study effectively and stress-free.

  • Celebrate the start of a new school year

It is time for new friends, schoolmates, a new set of books, outfits, and new opportunities. So start celebrating the first day of school instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

  • Extracurriculars

Extracurriculars are as important as your academics. Pick up a new hobby or skill. If you enjoy music, take music lessons or start learning an instrument. If you are the outdoorsy type, find the adventure club in your school and join it. Make it a point to join one club in your school and take an effort to participate in their activities. It can be a reading club, art club, environment club, or even science club. Most of these do not need a prerequisite skill to join. It can feel like something very new at first but there is a whole academic year to hone your skills and perfect it! Who knows you might even surprise yourself by taking part in the Annual Day events!

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