Rouf is a group dance performed by the women folk of which region?

Rouf is one of the oldest forms of Kashmir dance and performed only by women. The dance is performed by a group of women dressed in colorful pherans with exquisite zari embroidery, in two lines facing each other with their arms around the shoulders of the dancers next to them. They move gracefully back and forth while singing Chakri, a pleasant pathetic song based on mystical Sufi poetry. It is also said that the dance movements are inspired by the lovemaking of the bee or question and answer. It is shared on any festive occasions but especially as a welcoming dance for the spring season and on Id-ul-Fitar and Ramzan days.

The dance is being performed by the women in beautiful costumes and on a piece of characteristic music. In the past, every village, town even streets of Srinagar were resounding with Rouf. The simple footwork of Rouf is both a visual as well as an artistic indulgence.

Rouf is delightful to watch and hear. During the performance of rouf women wear colorful pharans and Kasaba. Rouf songs are not the same during different occasions in Kashmir except for the presentation of dancing style. The rouf which are sung by the Kashmiri women during different occasions depicts different themes like joy, happiness, sorrow, welcome songs, spring songs, etc.


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