One size fits all with Phazon earbuds

Phazon has created the world’s first one-size fits all earbuds.

The company says there’s an inner-ear pattern that everyone shares and that by giving the earbuds a little twist once they’re in the ear, wearers can ensure they won’t fall out while jogging, working out or even swimming. The earbuds are wireless and use Bluetooth to link to your mobile device for music streaming and receiving phone calls. Its internal rechargeable battery can be charged to 80% in only 20 minutes using a USB charger; the charge lasts upto 6 hours.

One of its most interesting features is the one that only works when they’re not being worn — if a user has misplaced their earbuds, the Phazon app can tell them how far away they are and point the user in the right direction.


Picture Credit : Google