My best friend started hating me

I am a student of Std 8. At the start of the year I had a best friend. But someone started a rumour about me and my best friend hating me. I convinced her and she said sorry. But now she has a boyfriend and a girl on his bus told her that she is in his bus so she should prioritize her. Now she is ignoring me. I feel like committing suicide.

I can see that your friend’s action has caused you deep pain. I feel really sad to read that you wish to commit suicide. For this, I urge you to speak to your school counsellor who can give you real-time support.

A friend who deserts you is no friend and it is not worth having him or her back! Naturally, you feel angry and helpless that she has turned away from you. But, at the same time, you need to let her go. You also need to feel and express your pain and anger in a safe way, through activities such as painting, sports, drama and more. Have a good cry when you need to. Grieving for what is gone is an important part of healing and will help you to later be open to making new friends without keeping hatred in your heart for the other person.

You will slowly but surely discover an inner courage and strength of character that will help you to become a better person instead of a bitter one.


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