Wind power can be used locally to power individual houses or schools. It is especially good in remote areas away from other power sources. Some caravans and boats also use wind power to provide electricity.






This wind turbine is being used to provide electricity for education centre.

Small-scale wind turbines can provide electricity at a local level and are now used across the world. Once installed, wind turbines need little maintenance or expertise and will last many years. In most cases wind power is used with other types of energy such as solar energy. Solar energy is captured by solar panels and is turned into electricity.






This house has a tiny turbine that is used to generate electricity.

Very small wind turbines are called micro-turbines. They can be used to charge batteries and provide electricity for houses, caravans or boats. They are better to use than diesel or petrol generators as they are less noisy and produce no pollution.







This school uses wind power as an environmentally-friendly source of electricity.

Wind power can be used locally even if you are not in a remote location. In the UK, Cassop primary school in County Durham has a wind turbine in its grounds. The turbine produces about twice the electricity needed by the school. The extra electricity is sold to electricity companies to be used elsewhere.